Who we are

Alternative Lending Specialists

Our background and story is that of alternative lending and finance specialists primarily for small business funding. We have always favored small businesses and start-ups as they have and always will be the backbone of this country. Through diverse and far reaching experience in and around the space of non-conventional financing, we have realized that there has and will continue to be a void within the small business lending space. Far too many small businesses do not possess the credit and/ or history profile to qualify for funding. Our mission and purpose is to ensure that businesses do not fail due to inadequate funding by leading businesses owners through “The Pathway to Funding.”

What we do

Keep it simple

We take pride in offering the Easiest, Cheapest, and Confident funding process in the industry. Our funding program is very easy to understand and even easier to follow. We will work with you side by side in getting you to the finish line.

For our Industry-Leading Line of Credit Start-Up Program, you only need an account with www.CreditCheckTotal.com and a Legally Formed Entity. This is not an expensive shelf/ aged entity or cpn and instead as little as a brand new legally formed entity such as a Corp or LLC formed for as little as $500.

We will have you fill out a digital application and have you pre-approved in 2-4 days which will give you the exact road map to getting funded. From that point, we will have a conversation of the action items to finalize your funding.

If you need your credit boosted, we will discuss that and you can go to the Credit Booster Tab on our site. If credit repair AND credit boosting are needed, it will take an extra 30 days to be funded. There are no short cuts here to this and anything less than this will almost always result in a scam or fraudulent transaction.

You can schedule your initial personalized conversation in our scheduling box below.