How to Obtain Alternative Funding

The Only Way to Obtain Alternative Funding

To obtain alternative funding for businesses in the 21st Century, you need one of three items: 1) Credit, 2) Income 3) Assets. You either need to provide one of these items or get a credit partner to provide them and sign for you. There is absolutely no way around this and ANY legitimate funding source will tell you the exact same thing.

While we can fund you based on assets or income, to obtain alternative funding we primarily fund based on your credit profile or your credit partner’s. If your credit is not in line that is okay and we specialize in providing solutions for people just like you. We do not fund to a shelf or “built out” corporation or llc just like every other legitimate funder. That said, until you establish real and actual history, your social security number and that of your LLC or corp are going to be initially tied together as one of the same. This is a long term benefit of course of our funding service.


We have Tradelines with all major banks as revolving credit available ranging from $10,000 high limit to $25,000 in high limit with 5 to 10 years of perfect payment history. We will use to monitor the process and when the Tradelines post, typically 20 days on average, we will close the escrow account and be compensated for the service. To the degree that you cooperate with the funding process, we will leave the Tradelines on until you are funded and not charge you again as almost everyone else does. Our Tradelines sell for $1,000 each or $750 each if you need all three.

Credit Repair

Remember that adding Tradelines will simply boost your score and not address derogatory items on your credit profile. We do not provide credit repair and will refer you out to a reputable provider who has helped many of our clients.

Alternative Funding Process

The item that will hold up the funding process altogether will be credit repair. With a good provider on average this should take 90 days depending on how much work is needed. We use and will need a valid account to be held open until the funding is complete.

After credit repair is completed you will proceed to the funding process which will take 3-4 weeks or we will add Tradelines. After the Tradelines are added you will move to the funding process. During funding you will need to refrain from applying for any other credit just as you would with any other type of loan process.

The funding will be in the form of multiple lines of credit. You may receive a credit card and if you do, you simply shred it as all funding will have fully cash balance transferability. The reason we use multiple lines and as well a new corporation or llc, which we can help you open is to massively increase the amount of credit that you can access. This in itself is our proprietary process and on average will quadruple your funding amounts. You can be funded from $20,000 to $180,000 depending on the depth of your credit.